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  1. Do I need a visa?

    YES! Any foreigner who wants to enter Cambodia needs a visa.
    Both tourist and business visas can be obtained at all border crossings.
    Note that a tourist visa can be renewed only once for a period of one month whereas a business visa can be extended up to one year.
    Be aware that when you buy your visa at a border crossing, the price can depend on the financial needs of the customs officials. It is known that this is a lucrative job to many.  
    You need two passport photos and an international passport, valid for 6 months at least, to obtain your visa.
    We encourage you to buy your visa in advance at your embassy
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  2. Vaccinations and Health

    It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor regarding your trip to Cambodia 4 weeks prior to departure. He will provide further information.
    In addition we advise to bring a personal first-aid kit.
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  3. How do I get to Kampot?

    By bus:
    From Phnom Penh:  the company Sorya & Hour Lean provides four buses a day. The journey takes about four hours to cover 148 km. 
    From Sihanoukville: minivans leave at all times and they get you to Kampot in two hours (110 km). Arrange everything on the spot. You can also take a bus at the bus station. 
    From Kep: minivans leave at all times and they get you to Kampot in 40 minutes (25 km). Arrange everything on the spot. You can also take a bus at the bus station. 
    From Bangkok: take a bus to Sihanoukville, then continue to travel to Kampot. 
    From Siem Reap: take a bus to Phnom Penh, then continue to travel to Kampot.
    By air: From Bangkok to Phnom Penh: daily flights with Air Asia (travel time: about one hour)

  4. Cambodia = dangerous?

    I personally have not had any bad experiences but like in all countries, vigilance is always paramount. Do not leave valuables lying around. Take into account that many Cambodians live in poverty, so do not show off your money. 
    The peace and quiet on the political and social front has remained in place for many years now.
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  5. Currency and Bank Cards

    Two currency units apply in Cambodia: the American Dollar and the local currency the Riel. The latter is not distributed by cash dispensers. Kampot has two cash dispensers where you can get dollars trouble-free when using Maestro, Visa, Mastercard and Cirrus cards. There is also a Western Union in the Acleda Bank.


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